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Lesson 11: Turn Around (Part 1)


Artist/Animator Renee Kurilla walks you through the steps of creating a character turn-around. By creating five drawings of one character from different angles, the user will be able to create a full 360 degree turn-around of the character! Note: This lesson is for more advanced users who are interested in more detailed animation. Renee uses the arrow keys to move parts of her animation in this lesson. This lesson also employs the following keyboard shortcuts for quick use. For Mac Users: Cut -- Apple X, Copy -- Apple C, Paste -- Apple V, Undo -- Apple Z, Select All -- Apple A. For PC Users: Cut -- Control X, Copy -- Control C, Paste -- Control V, Undo -- Control Z, Select All -- Control A.

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Lessons: Animation (12)
Lesson1: Make a doodle
Learn how to use the first level of Animation-ish with a special demonstration by Peter H Reynolds.
Time: 5:02 Level: Wiggledoodle-ish


Lesson2: Flipbook-ish
Peter and company explore the second level of Animation-ish by making a flower grow.
Time: 5:32 Level: Flipbook-ish


Lesson3: Advanced-ish (Part 1)
The third level of Animation-ish is demonstrated when Pete draws an alien in a spaceship.
Time: 4:36 Level: Advanced-ish


Lesson4: Advanced-ish (Part 2)
Peter and his FableVision pals explain the Mover tool and the timeline.
Time: 4:12 Level: Advanced-ish


Lesson5: Advanced-ish (Part 3)
In the final part of the Advance-ish demo, Peter shows how to create a background layer.
Time: 3:29 Level: Advanced-ish


Lesson6: Blink!
Using Flipbook-ish, learn how to bring your character to life by making it blink!
Level: Flipbook-ish


Lesson7: The Project Vault - Make the World Turn
Learn how to use the Poject Vault to find Ish-starters that will help inspire you and
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Lesson8: The Project Vault - Twinkling Stars
Learn how to make a star twinkle using the Ish_Starter available in the Project Vault.
Level: Wiggledoodle-ish


Lesson9: Make Your Drawing Dance
Learn how to create simple animations using a single illustration in Flipbook-ish.
Level: Flipbook-ish


Lesson10: Bouncing Ball
Learn how to make a ball bounce, one of the most important lessons in animating motion.
Time: 05:25 Level: Wiggledoodleish


Lesson11: Turn Around (Part 1)
Learn how to make a character turn-around, one of the most important lessons in animating characters
Time: 05:43 Level: FlipBook-ish


Lesson12: Turn Around (Part 2)
Learn how to make a character turn-around, one of the most important lessons in animating characters
Time: 06:42 Level: FlipBook-ish


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